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Davey started in the Jeep salvage business while he was still in high school. His father had a business that involved repairable vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Both while he was in high school and afterwards Davey worked for his father part time in all aspects of the business learning the ins and outs of the repairables business and how to run a small business in general. Davey’s interest in Jeeps led him to become the Jeep expert at his father’s company.

By 2001 the local and regional market for repairable Jeeps and parts had grown to the extent that Davey branched off on his own and started his own business, Daveys Jeeps & Parts, LLC. This business is a true brick and mortar business with a building of considerable size as well as a yard with over 350 vehicles all told.  Davey’s wife Beth also works in the business full time and takes care of much of the office work.  Daveys Jeeps & Parts, LLC comes from a long line of Jeepers and Beth and Davey have owned many rigs over the years. Take a look at the list of rigs over the years.

Davey’s first Jeep was a CJ-3a that was titled as a 1947. The Jeep had a new steel body that had been covered in red Rustoleum. The engine smoked a lot and was on its last leg.  To remedy this situation Davey bought an original 1945 MB from Jim Peters.  The body was shot but it ran strong and had a good drive train.  Two Jeeps became one and the 3a was built to look like a restored M-38.  The end result was a great looking Jeep.

Jeep number two was a 1946 CJ-2a. This Willys was black in color. The all original CJ served as a daily driver for 6 months. One notable feature of the 2a was the PTO that even had the companion drive in the rear bumper.

Davey’s third Jeep was a 1950 Willys M-38. The M-38 is the military version of the CJ-3a.  When purchased the Jeep was in fair condition and was powered by the popular Ford Pinto motor.  The Jeep was wheeled in this condition for several years making the trip to West Virginia and other local wheeling areas.  When the engine gave up the ghost the engine, transmission and transfer case from a M151 Mutt was transplanted into the Jeep.  After another year or two of four cylinder power that drive train was pulled and an 86 Trans Am 305ci Tuned Port Injection V8 and a TH350 automatic was installed.  The transfer case was switched to the popular Dana 300.  The Jeep had a flanged centered Dana 44 rear with 5:38 gears and a mini spool.  Up front was a Dana 27 closed knuckle axle with a Loc-Rite.  The Jeep was shod in 33×12.50 Goodyear MTs.  There are pictures of this Jeep in its Orange and Blue paint job on the website.  Hopefully this description will give a little insight into what that rig was capable of.

During the same era as the M-38 Davey opted to build a Jeep that would offer a better solution as a daily driver.  Rather than buy something and modify an existing vehicle it was decided to start from scratch.  Using a brand new YJ frame for a foundation a pair of Dana 60s with 4:88s gears, a Detroit front locker and an ARB rear locker were built and 35 inch BFGs were bolted to these one ton axles.  For a drive train a throttle body injected Chevy 305ci V8 was used backed by a 700r4 overdrive automatic and another Dana 300 transfer case.  The Jeep had a full roll cage with a 4wd Hardware fiberglass body.  The Jeep was rounded out with a M-10,000 winch and custom bumpers and rock rails that were Davey built.

Davey couldn’t have all of the fun so it was time for Beth to get a Jeep. The 5th Jeep owned by Beth and Davey was Beth’s 1976 CJ-7. This CJ-7 was a former showroom Jeep for Four Wheel Drive Hardware and featured a Four Wheel Drive Hardware fiberglass body. It had a 304 V8 with a TH400 automatic and a Quadra-trac transfer case. In the end this Jeep was sold to finance Beth’s next Jeep.

The 6th Jeep inline was Beth’s 1998 TJ Wrangler.  It was purchased with a salvage title and had been rolled and smashed but was a Sport model with a lot of promise.  After a new frame and tub were bolted in place and 4.0 inline six cylinder and automatic were installed they threw a 2 inch lift on the Jeep and shod the Jeep in 31 inch Goodyear MTs.  To get the Jeep to stand out from the crowd the Jeep was sprayed House of Kolor Ultra Orange Pearl. The end result was a great looking eye catching Jeep with lots of features.

After many of the other Jeeps had headed down the trail Davey bought a 1991 YJ Wrangler with the Islander Package. The Jeep had been wrecked and needed a front fender, a transfer case and a spring.  The 4.0, 5 speed Jeep drove nice and made a great daily driver.  A year later it too headed on down the trail.

After selling Beth’s TJ a good daily driver was on the list of things to build. To meet this requirement the next Jeep in the list was a 2002 Jeep Liberty Limited.  It has been wrecked on the front driver side.  While being repaired a two inch lift, Wrangler Rubicon wheels with the factory Goodyear MTR 31 inch tires, Liberty Renegade Pocket Flares, a Mopar hitch and an ARB Bull Bar with a Warn M8000 winch were installed to ensure that this was no run of the mill KJ.

Nine Jeeps later Davey found himself with out a trail rig and with the itch too have a short wheel base trail runner. With the business in full swing Davey started looking for a project. He found one that is truly unique.  2004 brought an option package to the TJ Wrangler called the Willy’s edition. This Jeep had camouflaged seats, green flares, a dark green paint job and a unique sticker package that harkened back to the roots of Jeep when they were all painted green and Jeeps were new kid on the block.  The Willys edition that was bought at auction had been in a bad front end collision and needed a new frame and drive train. Rather than stick with stock parts a complete 2003 Wrangler Rubicon Chassis was used.  This included the NV241OR transfer case, front and rear Dana 44s with air lockers and the Rubicon transmission and 4.0 six cylinder as well. To enhance the Jeep’s trail riding capability a set of Alloy USA axle shafts were installed in the front along with Mopar Rubicon side rails, Warn bumpers and a Warn 9500 lb. winch.  To get the Jeep up in the air a 4 inch Teraflex lift kit was installed with 33×10.50 BFG Mud Terrains on the factory Willys edition painted wheels.

Some times a Jeep comes along that you just have to have. With the recent completion of his Willys/Rubicon TJ Wrangler Davey heard about a 1943 Willys MB that was sitting in a garage. After some negotiation Davey became the proud owner of a 98% original MB.  What sets this Jeep apart from the rest is that it was reconditioned and used by the French Military prior to its re-entry into the United States. A factory original 12 volt electrical system had been installed. These 12 volt conversions had originally been developed to be used by US forces during WWII but were not finished in time to be installed before the war ended. As a result a hand full of US Military Jeeps had them installed after the war as well as WWII era Jeeps that were put into service in foreign governments like this MB. It is truly a sight to behold.

After deciding that mangling his newly built Willys/Rubicon TJ Wrangler would hurt a little bit too much Davey began work on his ‘hardcore’ trail rig. In an effort to build the most effective trail rig possible as well as to be a little different Davey has started with a 2005 Wrangler Unlimited some times called an LJ for Long Jeep.  While the Jeep is still under construction most of the drive train has begun to be installed.  For a power plant an LS2 high performance Chevy V8 from a new GTO was chosen and backed by a 4L60E over drive automatic. To split power a Wrangler Rubicon sourced NV241OR transfer case was chosen for its strength and 4 to 1 low range.  The axles are Dana 60s front and rear with 4:88 gears and ARB Air Lockers to help with traction. These axles will be slung under the Jeep by a Full Traction Long Arm Suspension.  37 inch BF Goodrich Krawlers are just waiting to be installed making what is sure to be a super capable trail rig.

Eleven Jeeps later Beth and Davey still have the bug and there is no end in sight. This impressive resume should make any customer feel confident that they will get the right parts every time and that any questions will be answered correctly and by fellow Jeepers. 

All of the above Jeeps have long gone to new and happy owners, our newest and recent build is a 1963 Willys FJ3-A Fleetvan. We have installed a Kubota 2403T diesel engine mounted to a Jeep TF999 auto trans. with a 231J transfer case, narrowed down TJ Dana 30, 35 axles with disc brakes. We have had a blast 4 wheeling this one. You may see us on the trail in this cool little ice cream man Jeep.

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